About Us

The Trailer -

Not only are we axepert throwers and will instruct your guests - we are experts at offering a seemless set up and positioning the trailer at your event! 

We do need enough room however to set up, so here are the measurements of the trailer:


Length: 25 ft

Width: 8 ft

Height: 13 ft

Whats Included -

Included in our cost is set-up of 30 minutes prior to the scheduled event, and 30 minutes at the end of each event. 

Each event is staffed with a minimum of 1-2 axeperts to help instruct your guests and ensure safety. 

Complimentary items included in the rental are our plastic axe throwing sets for our younger guests, as well as corn hole!

Throwing -

Before you throw we will start out by having you sign a waiver, if you have minors under 18 present - a legal guardian/parent must sign for them. 

Next a safety briefing will be done by us to show you how to properly throw and retrieve the axes.


As players throw, we will continue to spectate and give helpful tips for throwing. Players are never left unattended. 

The Lane -

2 players can step into the trailer and throw simultaneously! 

You will be instructed by our axepert of throwing behind our clearly marked regulation compliant white line. 

Each player throws their axe and then retrieves them together as safety is our highest priority and we closely monitor and ensure no hatchets are actively thrown while a thrower is retrieving their axe.


Safety -

One of people’s biggest concerns is safety! It is ours as well and that’s why we take every measure to keep you and your guests safe. 

Ways we promote safety:

-Waivers outling safety and rules

-Posted Safety Rules

-Expert instruction and supervision

-Fully enclosed throwing area


We are fully licensed and insured!